Turmeric Kale Protein Smoothie (CHAI FLAVOURED!)


The benefits of turmeric are endless–anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, aids in digestion, purifies the blood, relieves a cough…I could keep going! But sometimes I have to remember there is more to life than just turmeric! Eating a rainbow of foods and flavours is a good approach to get a range of vitamins, minerals and health benefits from the foods we eat.

So with this recipe, Turmeric Kale Protein Smoothie it has it all! A rainbow of colours and flavours, everything from bananas to chai spices, cocoa nibs to coconut...and of course, turmeric! :) A whole meal-in-one, it's perfect for a post-workout recovery.

Here’s what the TURMERIC KALE PROTEIN SMOOTHIE contains:

  • avocado – a superfood and healthy fat, avocados contain antioxidants that protect against eye disease, lowers cholesterol and makes you feel satiated. (1/2 ripe avocado)

  • banana – high in potassium, bananas strengthen bones and reduce muscle cramping. (1/2 banana; use whole banana for added sweetness)

  • berries – a superantioxidant that helps reduce belly fat. (1/2 cup)

  • raw cocoa nibs – contains flavonoids lowers blood pressure levels, reduces cholesterol and improves blood circulation. (2 tsp.)

  • coconut oil – a healthy saturated fat, it helps regulate blood sugar levels. (1 tbsp.)

  • flax seeds, ground – fibre rich, flax is a vegetarian source of Omega-3s and boosts immunity. (2 tsp.)

  • kale – high in Vitamins A and C, fibre rich, antioxidant and anti- inflammatory. (1 cup)

  • protein powder (vegan) – gives you 20g of protein per serving…wow! (2 tbsp. or 30g)

  • turmeric – superspice, need I say more! (1/2 tsp.)

  • Arvinda’s Chai Masala – this is my signature addition to the smoothie! Contains healing spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. I add a lot, about 1 tsp. to make this smoothie taste good. (1 tsp.)

  • water– for hydration. (add enough to get the desired consistency)

Cheers to good health!