For your customers that crave bold, exciting flavours, choose Arvinda's!

At Arvinda's, we expertly roast, grind and blend top quality spices into premium Indian spice blends so you can create mouth-watering Indian curries and meals always with exceptional results! From tangy Tikka Masala to favourite Butter Chicken to vegan Channa Masala, Arvinda’s masalas help you create classic Indian dishes that everyone craves with your own creativity and style. Our signature masalas also doubles up as a delicious rub too!

Arvinda’s takes pride in making non-GMO verified and vegan certified spice blends that are free from oils, additives, preservatives, MSG, gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts and inexpensive fillers. Our foodservice spice blends are made-to-order (454 g to 2 kg or industrial sizes) so you get the freshest spice blends delivered to your door.

  • Custom bulk blending available. Over 60 premium quality spices always in stock.
  • Arvinda's international spice blends also available in bulk quantities

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