In Sanskrit, the word mantra has a several meanings, one being the repetition of a word or words to gain a connection to the universal consciousness, useful to gain concentration within meditation.

Outside of India, the word mantra has taken on a slightly different meaning and is known as a statement that’s spoken or practiced frequently, commonly understood as “words to live by.”

These are our words, actions and values, inspired by our mother Arvinda:

  • Cooking delicious meals for family and friends is a way of showing kindness towards the ones we love. Sharing food with others is one of the greatest gifts of all!
  • Taking the time to cook healthy meals at home is time well spent. Investing in your health by nourishing yourself with healthy, home-cooked foods is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and spirit. Your future self will thank you later!
  • We are proud of our culinary traditions and want to share our family recipes with you. Arvinda’s spirit of sharing started through her cooking classes and continues through our masalas. If you cannot join us in a cooking class, we hope Arvinda's masalas will inspire you to cook healthy, delicious Indian meals at home.
  • We believe the best Indian food is cooked from scratch. When your input are high quality spices, fresh quality ingredients and cooking according to time-honoured tradition, the results will astound and reward you!
  • Each and every spice we use is hand-selected for flavour and quality. We constantly evaluate all ingredients for quality and optimal flavour. Superior quality is our trademark.
  • We are passionate about bridging Indian cuisine with Canadian ingredients and use local and Canadian spices where available. Ontario garlic, coriander seeds and mustard seeds from Saskatchewan is our passion! We will continually try to source as locally grown ingredients as they become available to us.
  • Pay it forward. We're blessed to have had much support, kindness and encouragement from many people since we started in the early 1990s. We strive to lend support to community organizations and events throughout the year and donate spices to local women’s shelters, soup kitchens and charitable food organizations. We’ve participated in Eat to the Beat, Canadian Cancer Society’s fundraiser since 1995.