Indian Vegetarian Favourites for the New Year / TORONTO


Indian Vegetarian Favourites for the New Year / TORONTO


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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Looking to eat more plant-based this 2020? Take a page out of India’s recipe book, home to the most number of vegetarians in the world per capita and learn how to put together an amazingly delicious Indian vegetarian meal that can be enjoyed all year round.

In this class, join Arvinda’s to learn the basics on how to use spices to create a delicious and well-balanced full Indian meal where vegetables and lentils take centre stage and are amped up with spices and masalas. Our menu starts with Vegetarian Flaky Baked Samosas with Tamarind Date Chutney, followed by a tasty South Indian Coconut Vegetable Curry with curry leaves, Masoor Dal ~ Red Lentil Curry, Jeera Basmati Rice Pullao and Carrot Pickles with Green Chilies. In this class we’ll also share our love and tradition of making an Authentic Masala Chai.

Location: Nella Cucina
876 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 3G3

* food shown in image may vary from actual food created in the class

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