Arvinda's Kafir Lime Leaves refill

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kafir lime leaves.jpg

Arvinda's Kafir Lime Leaves refill


Refill your Arvinda's Kafir Lime Leaves tin and save! This item is for one refill 5 g / 0.18 oz packed in economy tin.

Experience the lush, fresh flavours of Thailand using Arvinda’s Kafir Lime Leaves. With this definitive, must-have ingredient, use these perfumed leaves to impart a fragrant, citrus bouquet to Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian soups and curries. Cleverly dried for your pantry, these leaves when soaked in hot water, awaken into a cascade of lime blossoms.

Product of Thailand. Packed in Canada. 

Ingredients: Dried kafir lime leaves

Certifications: Non-GMO verified

5 g / 0.18 oz

* Not available for US customers

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