Arvinda Chauhan was born to cook. At the age of six, Arvinda tragically lost her mother and was needed to step into the kitchen to help her grandmother prepare meals for her grandfather and four siblings while her father was away studying in Europe. She helped grind spices using a mortar and pestle and learned to prepare chapattis (whole wheat flatbread) on a chulha, a rustic, clay wood-burning outdoor stove. For Arvinda, what started out as a necessity later grew into a love of Indian cooking. 

Over the years, Arvinda developed her skills as an Indian cook, learning to create curries according traditional family recipes. She gradually understood the intricacies and nuances of spices, using this knowledge to cook delicious curries and dals that quickly became family favourites. Arvinda lovingly churned out complete Indian meals – savoury appetizers with chutneys, a dozen different types of traditional Indian flatbreads prepared fresh and piping hot, fragrant jeweled basmati rice and of course, delectable Indian sweets for dessert. She experimented with international and Indian recipes to treat her family to home-made meals, each and every day.


At a Canada Day celebration in Hamilton, Ontario in 1993, Arvinda volunteered to prepare pakoras, samosas and wadas (lentil fritters) to sell to festivalgoers to raise funds for a women’s charity in India. After a number of inquires how to make these savoury Indian treats at home, Arvinda promptly offered ‘ad hoc’ cooking demonstrations at the booth, enthusiastically explaining how to make these tasty appetizers with only a few simple ingredients. Throughout the weekend, more and more people inquired about Indian cooking lessons which sparked Arvinda's and her high school-aged daughter, Preena’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Over that summer, Arvinda and Preena worked to put together a series of cooking classes to run in the fall. In September 1993, Arvinda ran her first cooking class in Oakville, Ontario through Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking, her new found Indian cooking school. Through her classes, Arvinda aspired to share her knowledge and passion for Indian cuisine with others at a time when Indian cooking was relatively unknown. She demonstrated to prepare healthy Indian foods at home, with easy cooking methods using simple ingredients and a handful of a few key spices. Of utmost importance, Arvinda sought to teach about spices and their use to cook curries of depth, giving marvellous flavour. Cooking class participants delved deeply into spices, the cornerstone of traditional Indian cooking. In an eight-week Indian beginner's course, participants learned about the storied history of spices, how spices are grown and cultivated, how they are used and stored in an Indian kitchen and most notably, that quality spices and ingredients are essential for the best tasting Indian foods. Arvinda and Preena traveled to the exotic spice growing regions of India and Sri Lanka to see and learn first hand how spices are cultivated, harvested and brought to market, meeting passionate farmers, traders and spice merchants along the way. 

During Arvinda’s cooking classes, her students noticed the freshness and quality of spices being used and often requested to purchase these spices from her. They also asked for advice on how to make Indian cooking a little easier which prompted Arvinda to mix together a few key spices into a batch of masala (mixture of spices) for her students to try. The masala became so popular with Arvinda's students, often requesting Preena and her brother Paresh to “bring them to market”. The siblings put that idea on the backburner, talking about it from time to time.


In 2005, Preena was in the Master in Environmental Studies program at York University and received a small amount of funds to start-up a small business. Inspired by the Food Network's show “Recipe for Success” that profiled entrepreneurs who were successful in bringing a family recipe to market, Paresh and Preena launched Arvinda’s Indian spice blends. With their savings in hand and some "love" money lent from their parents, they bootstrapped their start-up and managed to locate a small industrial unit in Oakville, Ontario that they converted into a food production facility. Their first showing of Arvinda’s masalas was at the Asian Food Expo in Toronto in 2005, which won the likes of celebrity chefs asking to buy bulk in foodservice sizes for their acclaimed restaurants in Toronto.

At the time of Arvinda’s launch in 2005, many customers didn’t know what a masala was, sometimes mistaking the word masala for "marsala", the famous Sicilian wine. Paresh and Preena tirelessly worked to introduce their blends to the market which was dominated by pre-made Indian simmer sauces and pastes, educating customers how to make healthy and easy curries from scratch using spices at countless cooking demonstrations, farmer’s markets, trade shows and culinary events in  the greater Toronto area.

In 2013, Arvinda’s was sold at distinguished retailers in the United Kingdom and France, including the venerable Harrod’s in London, England.

Arvinda’s loyal and passionate following continues to grow amongst foodies, home cooks and chefs across Canada, from California to Brazil, to the UK, France, Germany and other European countries.



Arvinda Chauhan loves to cook! As an artist, she uses spices like a painter’s palette, cooking up endless Indian and international meals in her home every day. No matter how busy she is, she’ll make the time to cook, taking simple, local and wholesome ingredients from her kitchen, garden and her favourite farmer’s market, cooking up an incredible array of mouth-watering healthy meals using Arvinda’s spice blends, which help make creating any meal simpler and supremely delicious!

 She cooks with love and passion and believes that this positive energy will transfer to loved ones, making the kitchen the most scared and welcoming part of the home.  Fresh flowers, soft music (and disconnecting from electronic devices!) creates a peaceful and harmonious environment to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Sharing a wholesome cooked meal with loved ones is the best gift you can give as it nourishes them with good health, joy, wellness and delightful flavours!

 Spices are Mother Nature’s medicine chest and Arvinda believes you are healing yourself inside and out anytime you are cooking with spices. Through meditation and yoga which she practices daily, she sends good wishes and gratitude to people around the world.

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Namaste! I’m Preena, co-founder of Arvinda’s. I entered the world of Indian cooking in high school while helping my mother Arvinda teach Indian cooking classes. At the time, Indian cuisine was unknown to many, yet there was a fascination and curiosity to learn how different spices come together to create a 'to-die-for' curry--the essence of what makes Indian foods so special. Enamoured by the aromas, health benefits and flavours of spices myself, I wanted to learn about our diverse Indian cooking traditions from my mother and my interest in spices allowed me to journey to the spice growing regions in India through my Master in Environmental Studies Program at York University, immersing me in a storied history that started many centuries ago.

Since then, I’ve learnt the art of mixing, blending and tasting spices from not only India, but cooking traditions all over the world, working with spices day-to-day at Arvinda’s. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of home cooks and chefs to cook delectable Indian foods through Arvinda's cooking classes and it was in these very same classes years ago that prompted my entrepreneurial spirit alongside my brother Paresh, to create Arvinda’s spices and share them with food lovers in Canada and beyond. My favourite spice is ... turmeric!

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