Thank you for the kind words!

I just want to say thank you ... for your great spices and recipes. The biryani was delicious! The butter chicken is wow wow wow every time... Keep it up!

 Daniel, QC

“My husband and I have been using your spices for many years and were purchasing them in Ottawa and Gatineau. We have recently moved to Thunder Bay and our stockpile of spices is almost gone. We were delighted that we are able to purchase the spices on line. From a big fan!”

— Bonnie, Thunder Bay, ON

“I absolutely love your products. They exude quality, freshness and authenticity.”

— Renée, Loring, ON


You are the “Chuck Norris” of spices, everything you make has been amazing.
I recommend your mixes to everyone."

— Ian


“Thank you for the best Curry Masala ever.  I use it in everything that I want to add an Indian flavour to and it is so simple to use. Please never change the formula, the heat level is perfect, not like other store bought spice mixes that have minimal heat and lack complexity.  Eggplant, chick peas, potato and cabbage, you name it, I add it.”

— Teresa, Oakville, ON

"I'd like to let you know that my recipe (Channa Masala) came out delicious!! I've been trying to cook Indian food for a while, and it never tasted as good as the restaurant. I followed your recipe (Chana Masala, from the arvindas website), using your ingredients, and it came out perfectly!! I am very happy with it."

— Rodrigo, Newmarket, ON


“I dearly love your spices, I tell all of my curry loving friends about them!”

— Andrea, Paradise, NL


"Just used your excellent e-commerce site to restock my pantry with your masala and thought I'd take a minute to says thank-you for making such wonderful products.

This morning, I told my family we were "eating Indian" tonight.  I hadn't yet decided everything that would be on the menu, but my family was sure that there would be butter chicken.  And for me that means using Arvinda's amazing Butter Chicken Masala.  Using your spice blend and the simple recipe for butter chicken that comes in the can, I can serve my gang the most amazing butter chicken we have ever eaten, right here in small town Quebec.  I see all the jarred sauces and frozen dinners claiming to be butter chicken in our supermarkets and I can only feel sad for the people who think that is all that butter chicken can be. Great work!"

— Greg, Shawinigan, QC

"Thank you so much for the experience of a life time, it was an experience we will all treasure for a very long time. The event has been a family topic since you and Preena worked your special magic. Everyone is set to prepare a feast on their own. It was truly a pleasure and to have you share the interesting facts and secrets of your culture. We all learned from the experience and will always think of you as we develop our skills and venture further into Indian cooking. Wishing you both the very best, with all our thanks for sharing your talent and enthusiasm."

— Marieanne, Mississauga, ON


"Thank you.  Your products are amazing…. can’t wait to try the Vindaloo.  Arvinda's Butter Chicken Masala and Arvinda's Tandoori Masala have become staples at our house since Christmas."

 Dan, Rothesay, NB


"I appear to have such outstanding talents in the kitchen preparing Indian dishes...but much of the acclaim goes to your spice blends.  I "knocked over" some friends with Curry Masala potatoes...they could not believe how tasty they were!   I gifted some Curry Masala to a fellow foodie and she was over the moon about the flavor.

I'm excited to try the Bombay Shake and I can't wait to get up there to take a cooking class.  Hoping for next year...maybe in the fall.   Fingers crossed!

Arvinda's spices are the BEST."

— Sue, Marquette, MI

"I received the spice order today.  Thank you!

I made the vindaloo curry as per the included recipe.  First time that I had used that spice blend.  All that I can say is WOW!  Really appreciate the prompt delivery and your note.  Many thanks.  I will be ordering again.  Your spices are without a doubt the best!!"

Andrew, Fredericton, NB


"My husband and I were at the food show (Good Food Festival) and fell in love with your products!"

— Suzanne, Toronto, ON


"My mother & I attended your North Meets South Class and it was absolutely delicious!!!! Prior to the class I liked Indian food, but I was not the biggest fan. After taking your class and sampling the meals, Indian foods are now on my top favourite types of cuisine! Keep up the good work!"

— Vic, Mississauga, ON

"I made your Beet, Carrot and Cabbage Salad, Raita and Halibut with your masala sprinkled over the top - delicious! Just had a cup of your chai - yum yum ... When I opened your little round container of Curry Masala - the smell was intoxicating - wow. Spices in this country are never like that! It reminded me of when my parents lived in Zimbabwe - the spices were so fragrant. Delightful!"

— Brenda, Etobicoke, ON


"I'm still loving Arvinda's spices and this is the one and only brand I buy. It is absolutely the best!"

— Ramona, Mississauga, ON


"I am writing today to tell you how amazed I am. Yesterday and today I made all three dishes (Butter Chicken, Mattar Pallao, and Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Potatoes) after finding the spices at the store where I shop regularly. I used your Butter Chicken recipe (doubled) and the other two dishes I followed recipes I found online and used your spices.

I CANNOT begin to tell you how amazed I am to have made these and how terrific they turned out. The first time!!!

Your spices are magnificent and until I had asked for some Garam Masala, for the chickpea recipe, I had not a clue what any of them were about. To open the packages and inhale the aromas is marvelous. So fresh. So tasty. So easy. Colourful and even beautiful to look at.

I am really impressed. And surprised I could do it all so easily. Wanted you to know I am amazed and thankful  to have found your products. And I intend to keep on cooking as often as I can. I am looking, now at Vindaloo! Thank you."

— Lillian

"I made a wonderful Fragrant Beef Curry with Rice in the microwave with your curry masala and it was divine. Thanks again for a product much superior to the regular curries we see in the grocery store!! ... the curry masala and the garam masala...wonderful. Can't say enough about the fresh flavour of the product. The site ( also has some wonderful recipes as well..Indian of course!! Again, thanks for such truly wonderful products!!"

— Phyllis, Mississauga, ON


"Best Indian spices this side of India!!"

— Andrew Muto, Create Healthy Food, Woodbridge, ON

"Thank you very much. We all had a great time and have already begun preparing our own Indian dishes. Everyone was very pleased with the class that your mother and yourself put on for us. We just got back from a camping trip last night and actually did some Indian while camping that turned out great! Thank you, best wishes."

— Marieanne, Oakville, ON

"Last Thursday I went to Harrods for lunch on my way to the Chelsea Flower Show and in the Food Hall, I saw Arvinda's spices and bought the Butter Chicken Masala to try out. When I got home I opened the tin and it gave out the most intense, beautiful, exotic aroma of spices and couldn't wait to try them in  a chicken curry. I looked up Preena's video for Butter Chicken as I am a novice at cooking and the result was mouth watering.

I must congratulate Arvinda for crafting such wonderful spice mixes. They are simply divine. In the south of England you can only buy Arvinda's at Harrod's so I have ordered the whole set of seven spice tins from your UK distributor and that will set me up for trying out different dishes. I hope eventually the suppliers sell the spices through Waitrose and Marks & Spencers. There is a huge demand for gourmet spices now and you will do extremely well here. Companies here are already selling their products in these supermarkets and their spices are not as brilliant as Arvinda's.

Preena is doing extremely well in promoting Arvinda's spices and she does it so beautifully. I wish you all the success in the future."

— Natu, Reading, UK


Oh and I made the Madras Chicken, the rice and the Aloo Gobi a couple of days ago and they were ALL resounding hits! Delectable actually - thanks to the spice blends I bought- I saved a ton of time when cooking during the week. Gracias!

Mary, Toronto, ON


"Hello Preena: Met your brother at the market to-day, purchased what I needed, and tonight I made the curried noodles with chicken, and was so surprised at how easy they were to prepare and how delicious mine turned out. Just the right amount of heat, and I learned to balance the 4 flavours. Thanks again, Preena for your hard work and work ethic to produce and promote a product of which we can all be proud, and be happy to recommend. Cheers to you."

Judy, Oakville, ON

"Arvinda's spice blends are excellent. For me, Indian spicing can seem complicated and intimidating, but these spice blends makes cooking Indian food simple and easy. I used the curry masala in a chick pea and tomato curry and everyone at the table loved it. It takes the stress out of cooking. Your blends make cooking really good Indian meals easy without taking away the pleasure or the pride that comes with cooking. I still got to make the meal but the curry masala helped to make the food that much better. Your garam masala blend is beautiful. It's better than any I've tried before. The curry masala and garam masala blends make amazing food."

Carole, Toronto, ON


"Please tell me that I can order your spices and you will send them to me in Tampa, Florida. We just moved here and I bought the curry masala at the Asian Expo in Toronto in September. My 16 month old loves it, I put it in almost everything I cook."

— Trish, Tampa, FL


"I just wanted to thank you both very much for a wonderful evening. We all had a fabulous time at the cooking class and I know my sister especially enjoyed herself. Your kitchen was warm and inviting, and you had everything organized so well. I really liked the personalized menus; those were such a nice touch. I know we all appreciated the extra information and explanations you provided about Indian cooking and the ingredients we were using. It truly was a great evening and I hope that I will have an opportunity to attend some more of your classes in the future."

— Carmen, Mississauga, ON

"I also wanted to let you and Paresh and the rest of the team at Arvinda's know that the cooking class with the LCBO was a HIT!! They loved the product as well the beautiful packaging. The organizers of the LCBO in Windsor hope to continue this Indian series in the coming months. I will continue to showcase your product and recommend that people contact you and buy as much of your spice blends as possible. Once again, Thank-you for your wonderful product, hardwork and support."

— AnnaMaria, Windsor, ON


"I received your Garam Masala in an EatFeedLove gourmet food box, and it is absolutely divine! I am so happy to hear you're from Canada, and I am really looking forward to trying more of your spice blends and your recipe book!"

— Lori, Victoria, BC


"During the weekend, I cooked a half-salmon, à l'unilatéral, as we say in French. I covered the salmon with a curry paste, made with your curry powder, with olive oil. It was simply delicious. A French recipe, transformed with Indian products. Fantastic. Thanks for the quality products."

Paul, Montreal, QC

"We made the Madras curry ... and it was delicious; we made a big pot using the entire can of spice and it was very much enjoyed on a cold winter's night. Word is spreading fast in my family about the recipes and your spices ..."

— Becky, Oakville, ON


"Our family is enjoying your spices and recipes. We made the madras masala one evening for dinner, and my sister and her husband were thrilled with it. You have a very tasty product, and it is so easy to make."

— Heather, Oakville, ON


"I wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful class on Wednesday evening (Rich & Creamy Butter Chicken) to you and your Mom. I thought the class was very well presented and organized. I found that you gave a lot of useful tips and background info about the spices etc., and most of all the food was delicious. Will definitely have to sign up for another class in the future. Warmest thanks."

Gina, Oakville, ON

"My brother, two sisters, and I go to Montreal once a year and I picked up the Tandoori Masala and Chai Masala at Marche Jean Talon.  One almost feels one could survive on the aroma alone. I hope you begin distributing in the States soon."

Matthew, Brookfield, MA


We had your perfect butter chicken for dinner tonight. Thank you so much for all you do!!!!!

 Teresa, Newmarket, ON