Our Story

In 2005, brother-and-sister Paresh and Preena Chauhan created Arvinda’s line of Indian spice blends, selling them to gourmet and specialty shops.

However, their story and inspiration started long before then.

Arvinda Chauhan, Paresh and Preena's mother, started teaching Indian cooking classes in 1993 in the Toronto area, wanting to share her culinary passions and Indian cooking traditions with others. Through her classes, she quickly realized that her students were seeking high quality Indian spice blends (also known as masalas) to save time in making traditional Indian meals from scratch.

For her customers' convenience, Arvinda blended, roasted and ground spices in small batches and sold them to those attending her classes. With wonderful feedback, they kept asking Arvinda for more. In fact, many of those customers asked Paresh and Preena, who were in high school at the time, to bring these wonderful and flavourful blends to market, commenting how Arvinda's masalas have allowed for delicious Indian meals to come into their homes with ease and simplicity. The seed was planted and the idea of creating a line of high quality masalas was simmering on the back-burner.

Fast forward to 2005, Preena was doing a Master in Environmental Studies degree at York University where she had an opportunity to start a business. It could have been any business of her choice but immediately, her thoughts went to bringing the family's Indian spice blends to market!

The siblings put their heads, skills and creativity together and launched Arvinda's. Arvinda's masalas can be found in top specialty retailers and health food stores in North America and the UK and is also sold in bulk for foodservice.

Arvinda's stands for quality and tradition and they take pride in sharing, teaching and inspiring their customers to cook delicious and healthy Indian meals for everyday cooking with ease of preparation but with no shortage of authenticity and flavour.

The company takes pride in making exceptional Indian spice blends for exceptional curries!