Tandoori Spiced Chick Pea & Kale Salad

Here is a great way to celebrate the becoming of Spring with an Indian twist!

1) In a skillet, heat oil and blend in a couple of teaspoons of Arvinda's Tandoori Masala. Add chick peas (and parboiled potatoes - optional).

2) Add in finely chopped chopped organic kale (any variety will do).

3) Add sea salt to taste. Mix well. Remove from heat.

4) Serve either as a warm or chilled salad with a garnish of chopped cilantro, red onion and finely cubed cucumber.

Arvinda's Tandoori Masala is of course the ideal spice blend for a yoghurt-based marinade for chicken.

However, in our kitchens we use this amazingly flavourful blend as a seasoning for grilled veggies, paneer, tofu AND chick peas!

Posted on May 4, 2015 and filed under Arvinda's Tandoori Masala.