A Food That Helps Focus: Banana Turmeric Almond Shake


After racing out the door a little bit frazzeled, I made it out to one of my favourite fitness classes albeit a few minutes late. I was off-beat and couldn't get into the groove. As the instructor barked out commands from the front of the room, I found my mind wandering causing me to lose control of the sequences. Feeling disoriented I realized I wasn’t feeling it, but instead thinking about the next day’s meeting.

After making a few clumsy mistakes, I pulled my focus back to the class and all those sequences came back together as smooth as silk. And then something amazing happened...I started to have fun!

Acting in the present isn’t always easy but by training the mind to keep focus on what you’re doing can do wonders for enjoying all of life’s little details. Meditation is one way of training the mind to do this so I’ve added a morning and night meditation routine in my daily regimen.

After that class I was thinking about the foods that help with clarity and focus of the mind. Almonds came to mind as I was reminded about Ayurvedic remedy I would have when studying for exams to improve mental sharpness–an almond spice infused shake. Perhaps this may help before your next presentation, exam...or even fitness class! :)


1 CUP almond milk
1 ripe banana
12 almonds, soaked in water
1 TSP. almond butter
¼ TSP. turmeric powder (for some good measure!)
2 TSP. cocoa powder (optional)