Chinese Five Spice RED CABBAGE Dumplings in a Curried Broth (with vegan option!)


Happy Year of the Earth Pig! To celebrate the Lunar New Year and this festive occasion, we made a simple Curried Broth with Cabbage & Pork Dumplings. For my version, I used a veggie ‘ground round’ making this soup a great vegan option.

While good wishes and fortunes are exchanged, lucky red envelopes of money is gifted and fireworks dot the sky, food plays a huge part of the Chinese Spring Festival. There are many different foods eaten to ring in the Chinese New Year and of these, one of them is dumplings, which are considered to bring prosperity, as they resemble gold bars. I actually like to make mine more in the shape of ‘golden’ nuggets or parcels, but if you’re going with tradition, be sure to make these resemble a bar of gold!

I made a simple yet delicious Curried Broth to house these precious little Chinese Five Spice Cabbage & Pork dumplings. And the result was just delicious.


Method of Preparation:

1) BROTH: Simmer vegetable stock, season with soy sauce, lime juice, sugar, and ARVINDA’S CURRY POWDER. Add chilies, garlic and ginger. Simmer for 10 minutes and set aside.

2) DUMPLINGS: In a skillet, heat sesame oil and fry garlic for a couple of minutes until fragrant. Add pork or veggie ‘ground round’. Season with CHINESE FIVE SPICE, sesame seeds, soy sauce, rice vinegar. Stir in cabbage and cilantro and cook for 10 minutes or until everything is well cooked.

3) Place dumpling wrapper on a well floured surface. Moisten edges with water and place 1 tablespoon amount of filling. Fold over and create pinches to seal dumpling into a half moon shape (or parcel). Continue with rest of dumplings.

4) Gently place dumplings in Curried Broth and simmer for 10-15 minutes until dumplings are cooked.


vegetable stock
2 TBSP. soy sauce (or to taste)
2 TBSP. lime juice
1 TBSP. palm sugar (or raw cane sugar)
2 red chilies, sliced
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
1 inch piece ginger, sliced

dumpling wrappers
sesame oil
2 garlic cloves minced
1/4 LB. ground pork OR veggie ‘ground round’
2 TSP. sesame seeds
2 TSP. soy sauce (or to taste)
1 TSP. rice vinegar
1/2 CUP red cabbage, finely shredded
1/4 CUP cilantro, finely chopped

Wishing you prosperity, warm wishes and good luck for the Lunar New Year!

Galette-Saucisse with a curry twist + Tandoori Spiced Seeds


Game day foods! In the spirit of today's 2018 FIFA World Cup final I thought it would be fitting to prepare snacks that are culturally appropriate to the two remaining teams, of course with a sprinkle of some Indian spices for good measure (and for good flavour!). And around here, we're all about flavour.

I don't know too much about football, but what I do know is I'm very much into food! And on days like these, the most fun for me is to pick a favourite team, 'become a fan' and to jump-on-the-bandwagon if you will...albeit on the last day! A part of getting into the spirit is definitely the food. And everything always seems to come back to the food! :)

I was looking to see what foods are enjoyed at soccer games in different countries and came across this list of "What do Europe's football fans eat?" and discovered Galette-Saucisse for the first time. Galette-Saucisse is a common street food eaten in France, consisting of a pork sausage wrapped in a Breton galette, a warm or cold buckwheat crepe. There is cheese inside and it's served with mustard. It's a perfect hand-held food for a game.

I made my version with a vegan sausage and added Arvinda's Curry Powder to both my crepe batter and mixed it into the mustard, taking a subtle hint from the German tradition of currywurst. I added optional fillings for more flavour including red onion, green chili and cilantro. For a traditionalist, this may be a bit overboard but I tend to always opt for more flavour. Tasting this for the first time, I was impressed how delicious it was considering its simplicity.

I have to support the Croatian team too! :) I made a really quick snack of Tandoori Spiced Sunflower Seeds with Lime. Incredibly addictive and offering some good sustenance for a 90-minute game, I can see why this is a popular snack to eat at a soccer match in Croatia, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

These seeds are an amazing topper on any salad or delicious sprinkled on top of warm steamed vegetables, so keep that in mind too and consider making a double batch!

Now that the food is sorted out, cheers to both teams - and may the best one win!


Method of Preparation:

1) In a medium bowl whisk crepe ingredients together. Refrigerate for one hour.

2) Heat a non-stick skillet on medium-high. Add butter (or oil) and 1/2 cup of batter. Swirl batter around skillet to create a round crepe with even thickness. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Continue with remaining batter.

3) Mix ARVINDA'S CURRY POWDER into mustard.

4) To assemble, place sausage in crepe, top with cheese, red onion, green chili and cilantro, and drizzle with curried mustard. Roll and enjoy!

Yield = 12-14 crepes


1 CUP buckwheat or soft whole wheat flour
1/4 CUP rice flour
2 CUP whole milk
2 eggs
1 TSP. salt

6-8 (vegan) sausages, cooked
1 CUP grated cheese (of your choice)
1 small red onion, finely chopped (optional)
1 small green chili, finely chopped (optional)
1 TBSP. cilantro, finely chopped (optional)
1/4 CUP mustard


Method of Preparation:

1) In a large skillet, heat oil on medium-high heat. Blend in ARVINDA'S TANDOORI MASALA.

2) Add sunflower seeds and gently fold in with spices. Garnish with a squeeze of lime.


4 CUP sunflower seeds, slightly roasted
1 TBSP. oil
1 lime wedge


Curried Coconut Cashew Popcorn


I was flipping through the channels earlier this week and caught a segment of MasterChef Canada winner Chef Mary Berg cooking up some DIY Oscar party popcorn recipes and stopped in my tracks when I heard the word curry

The recipe that caught my attention was a Curried Cashew Popcorn which is a clever tropical-ish sweet and salty popcorn recipe that had me saying, 'I HAVE to make this!' And so I did.

This recipe is a little different than our Indian Spiced Popcorn recipe which has a bit more heat and no sweetness.

So easy to make, this is a popcorn flavour for the one who likes a depth of flavour, nuttiness and texture from the cashews and the salty-sweet combo. Best of all, there's a load of health beneficial spices especially from the turmeric found in the curry powder! Isn't that a bonus?!

I slightly changed the recipe as I added some of Arvinda's Garam Masala for some extra aromatic spices, so if that's available in your pantry you can add that in. I also added more Arvinda's Curry Powder to amp up the flavour. And lastly, I added a bit of coconut for some extra texture and flavour and used coconut oil as my choice of fat.



Recipe adapted from (Marilyn Dennis Show): Chef Mary Berg

Method of Preparation:

1) In a small saucepan, melt coconut oil on medium-low heat. Stir in honey until smooth.

2) Place popcorn in a large bowl. Pour over coconut oil and honey mixture. Toss well.

3) Sprinkle in ARVINDA'S CURRY POWDER, sea salt, ARVINDA'S GARAM MASALA and cashews. Toss well and garnish with coconut. Enjoy!

1/3 CUP popcorn kernals, popped
2 TBSP. coconut oil
1 TBSP. honey
1/2 TSP. sea salt
1/2 CUP cashew halves, gently toasted
1/8 CUP unsweetened shredded coconut, to garnish

Enjoy the 2018 Oscars. My money's on Dunkirk! ;)

"Master Curry Sauce": 3 curries to warm up for winter


Back in December, one of our customers inquired about Arvinda's Curry Powder, mentioning they were planning to try the "Master Curry Series" over the holidays. Master Curry Series?!?! Sounds fascinating! We were intrigued as this was something we wanted to try!

We later found out, LCBO Food & Drink Magazine writer Eric Vellend, published a "Master Curry" series of three recipes using a "Master Curry Sauce" in the coveted Holiday 2017 issue using Arvinda's Curry Powder and Arvinda's Garam Masala. Curries don't typically come first to mind during the festive time of year but of course it makes perfect sense! Post Boxing Day, after all the traditional holiday recipes are tested, tasted, eaten (and exhausted!), it is the perfect chance to try new recipes to share with family and friends.

Although I didn't get a chance to try the "Master Curry" recipes over the holiday season, I pulled out the magazine to try them this January. With all the cold weather and snowy conditions we're experiencing (not that I'm complaining), it's curries I crave and what I cook to keep warm. Chilies find a way to comingle with the fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and turmeric, which does a thing or two to help warm the body up. It really is the a perfect food for some of the coldest days of the year.

The Master Curry concept is genius - you make one master base sauce using a high quality curry powder to create the base flavours and use it to create three completely different curries. In this case, the recipes featured in Food & Drink are as follows:

  • Master Curry Sauce Tofu & Peas (I made it with paneer instead of tofu);
  • Master Curry Sauce Shrimp and
  • Master Curry Sauce Chicken

Recipes available on page 222, LCBO FOOD &DRINK HOLIDAY 2017.


We found the curries to be delightful! Once the Master Sauce is created, making one of the curries takes only 10-20 minutes (less time for the tofu and shrimp curries, more time for the chicken curry). Making the Master Curry Sauce is the perfect task to take on over the weekend when you have a bit more time. In that way it will be easy to create various curries--each different--during the week when dinner needs to get on the table quickly! In addition, it's a great way to add some turmeric to the daily diet.

If you prefer more intensity, you can make the recipes using Arvinda's Curry Masala

If you have a chance to try out the recipes, please share your photos and comments. We'd like to say thank you to Eric Vellend for the Arvinda's Curry Powder mention - many thanks for the lovely recommendation which is much appreciated! :)

Curried Cranberry & Almond Quinoa


Many people these days will be happy to see quinoa on a holiday table. Being gluten-free, high in protein and named a superfood, all your guests will welcome a bit of quinao for a festive dinner.

The curry powder gently scents the dish, offering a beautiful golden hue, while the cranberries offer a sweet and tart bite, with the almonds lending a nice crunch. 


Method of Preparation:

1) Add quinoa to a pot with water and salt. Boil until water is absorbed.

2) In a separate pot, heat olive oil on medium-low heat. Add onions and saute for a couple of minutes. Add spinach and cook until wilted.

3) Fold in quinoa and ARVINDA'S CURRY POWDER. Fold in dried cranberries and sliced almonds.

I wrote this recipe to serve 2-4, so it would be suitable for everyday lunches or dinners. Double or triple the recipe if you’re serving a larger crowd.

¼ CUP quinoa, rinsed in several changes of water
2 CUPS water
½ TSP. salt
2 TSP. olive oil
1 CUP spinach, finely chopped
½ small red onion, chopped
¼ CUP dried cranberries
¼ CUP sliced almonds

Garlicky! Curried Carrot & Garlic Soup

Once I made this Curried Carrot & Garlic Soup three times in one week. I must have been addicted to it at the time. Although these days I'm not making it that often, I still make it at least once per month (it's that good!).

The key to getting the flavour right for this soup, is to use a locally grown garlic that is fresh and full of flavour. I use fresh Ontario garlic bulbs, "Music" variety in particular which is mild and sweet.



Method of Preparation:

1) Boil carrots with water and 1/2 tsp. salt. Cook until carrots are tender. Using a hand blender, purée until smooth.

2) In a pot, gently heat olive oil and fry chopped garlic until it is fragrant. Add turmeric or ARVINDA'S CURRY POWDER. Stir for a minute on medium heat. Mix in pureed carrots. Add salt to taste. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Mix in parsley. Serve in soup bowls.

4-5 large carrots, peeled, washed and cut into small pieces
4 CUPS water
1/2 TSP. salt
3 garlic cloves, peeled and coarsely chopped
1 TBSP. olive oil
1 TSP. parsley, chopped or parsley flakes
salt to taste

Spicy Comfort: Curried Spaghetti

To me, a spicy pasta is comfort food. I love how a little bit of spice can transform easy and simple dishes and make them so tasty. This is what happens when you add a touch of curry powder to a pasta! :)



Method of Preparation:

1) Cook spaghetti until al dente. Drain and set aside.

2) In a pan, gently heat olive oil and saute minced garlic for a couple of minutes on medium heat. Add leeks, peppers and ARVINDA'S CURRY POWDER. Mix together.

3) Add spaghetti and toss well. Add milk and gently simmer until reduced. Add salt and pepper to taste.

whole wheat spaghetti noodles
2 TBSP. olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 leek, chopped
1/2 red pepper, cubed
1/2 CUP skim milk
salt and pepper, to taste

What's your comfort food?