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Having an exhilarating night on the town, Paresh and Preena Chauhan “ate” their way through Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) with their charming and gracious hosts, savouring multiple courses of delicious Indian foods. From fine dining at a private social club, to cheap, tasty street foods, to late night, after club back alley eats, they thoroughly enjoyed a slice of electrifying Mumbai life.

Shortly after returning from their exciting (and mind-blowing!) trip, brother-and-sister entrepreneurs—founders of Arvinda’s, a line of high quality, Canadian made spice blends for traditional Indian cooking—wanted to introduce Indian flavours to a wider audience, more suited to these fast-paced times.

They were inspired to recapture the exotic vibrancy of Mumbai in a unique spice blend, bringing the wonderful tastes of Indian cuisine to people who love big flavours in an easy-to-use format. And Bombay Shake was born.

The two siblings are passionate about spices and bold flavours themselves and naturally amp up the spice level of their everyday foods. Now you’ll find them in the kitchen ‘Bombay Shaking‘ practically everything they eat!

Just a ‘Bombay-Shake’ on this (or that!) can transform an everyday meal into an incredible Indian flavour experience.

Happy shaking!

Paresh & Preena

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Inspired by the vibrancy of the city of Mumbai, Bombay Shake aspires to make Indian flavours approachable, accessible and easy-to-use for everyday cooking, using high quality spices and local ingredients (wherever possible).
Paralleling Mumbai’s progressive and cosmopolitan culinary scene, Bombay Shake playfully inspires customers to blend global food flavours into delicious, mouthwatering everyday meals.


Made with premium, hand-selected spices, you are one shake away from a mouth-watering Indian flavour experience!
Salt free and free from additives, preservatives, dairy, nuts, MSG and gluten.

Roasted and blended in Canada. Blended with 100% Ontario garlic and other Canadian spices



Simply shake on chick peas, fish fillets, potatoes, stir-frys, beans & lentils, soups, stews and curries for an incredible flavour experience!

Ingredients: Spices, Ontario dehydrated garlic, mustard seeds. Allergen: mustard seeds
Made with 100% Ontario garlic and coriander seeds & mustard seeds from Saskatchewan



A mouth-watering rub for meats, chicken, lamb and more. Get your grill on!

Ingredients: Spices, Ontario dehydrated garlic
Made with 100% Ontario garlic and coriander seeds from Saskatchewan



A dynamite topper for pizzas & pastas and shake into your grilled cheese sandwiches.  Ideal for Mexican cooking too!

Ingredients: Spices, Ontario dehydrated garlic
Made with 100% Ontario garlic and coriander seeds from Saskatchewan



Burlington, ON
Marilu's Market - 4025 New Street - 905.639.0319

Oakville, ON
East Indian Supermarket - 2427 Trafalgar Road - 905.257.2578

Toronto, ON
Evergreen Brickworks - 550 Bayview Avenue - 416.596.7670

Montréal, QC
Épices du Cru - 7070 rue Henri-Julien (Marché Jean-Talon) - 514.271.0001