"I’ve been cooking with Arvinda’s products for nearly eight years. They’re a staple in my spice pantry. Authentic & delicious—every meal earns rave reviews from family and friends.” – Carrie, Calgary, AB
"My brother, two sisters, and I go to Montreal once a year and I picked up the Tandoori Masala and Chai Masala at Marché Jean Talon. One almost feels one could survive on the aroma alone. I hope you begin distributing in the States soon." – Matthew, Brookfield, MA
"Vous avez les meilleurs épices au monde!!!!” – Marie-Noelle, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC
“Hello friends at Arvinda’s, I had told you that that my order was for friends bringing the spices to me in Tahiti. I just wanted to tell you they landed safely. Proof in pictures. Yesterday I cooked a butter chicken…amazing as usual. Whenever you want to come and cook in Tahiti, give me a shout ;-) I love your products (discovered through chasseurs d’épices in Montreal, Philippe, Etnee and Arik). Keep up what you are doing, a big part of my cooking comes from you ;-) Cheers” – Nico, Tahiti, French Polynesia
“When I realized, late last night, I was almost out of my Greek seasoning, I immediately went and ordered some more expecting it to arrive in a week or so. It is one of our favourite seasoning mixes (although it is very difficult to choose just one), I make Greek salad several times a week and this spice mix is what makes the salad. I placed the order last night and was surprised and THRILLED that the order arrived at my doorstep early this morning. I don't know how you managed to get it here so quickly. I also ordered a few new mixes, thanks for the mystery mix, I haven't tired before and am really looking forward to trying them all out. Thank you so much for the delicious spice mixes and making my cooking so much tastier.” – Diane, Cambridge, ON
"You are the “Chuck Norris” of spices, everything you make has been amazing. I recommend your mixes to everyone.” – Ian, Cobourg, ON
"I received your Garam Masala in an EatFeedLove gourmet food box, and it is absolutely divine! I am so happy to hear you're from Canada, and I am really looking forward to trying more of your spice blends and your recipe book!" – Lori, Victoria, BC
“I received my order yesterday noon to my absolute delight. The spices in a word, extraordinary. There so fresh and the fragrance intoxicating. I baked a salmon fillet with the Garam Masala, which turned out outstanding. I served it with Basmati rice with cumin seeds and peas, and curry coconut carrots. My husband loved it Incidentally, the cookbook is wonderful. – Adriana, Santa Teresa, NM
“I just want to say that all the spices I ordered a few weeks ago have been amazing along with your recipes. Were blown away how amazing our food is tasting.“ – Nicola, Omemee, ON
“I have rarely eaten Indian food in my life as I have trouble with hot spices and used both the Curry Masala with a chicken dish from your website as well as a cod recipe using the Tandoori Masala and we just loved them both. Being able to purchase authentic, Non-GMO spices from you is amazing. I tried the channa masala last night and I can say that my 3rd meal using your spices was yet another success!!  I used a combination of your chickpea recipe and a recipe for chickpea and sausage that I found online and it was just so easy to add a tablespoon of your spice to completely transform the meal. I am such a happy customer! It is wonderful that you have so many recipes on your site, I will definitely be trying more of them with your fantastic spices!“ – Christine, Whitby, ON
“I am writing today to tell you how amazed I am. Yesterday and today I made all three dishes (Butter Chicken, Mattar Pallao, and Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Potatoes) after finding the spices at the store where I shop regularly. I used your Butter Chicken recipe (doubled) and the other two dishes I followed recipes I found online and used your spices. I CANNOT begin to tell you how amazed I am to have made these and how terrific they turned out. The first time!!! Your spices are magnificent and until I had asked for some Garam Masala, for the chickpea recipe, I had not a clue what any of them were about. To open the packages and inhale the aromas is marvelous. So fresh. So tasty. So easy. Colourful and even beautiful to look at. I am really impressed. And surprised I could do it all so easily. Wanted you to know I am amazed and thankful  to have found your products. And I intend to keep on cooking as often as I can. I am looking, now at Vindaloo! Thank you“ – Lillian, ON
"I absolutely love your products. They exude quality, freshness and authenticity.” – Renee, Loring, ON